RFS Compliance Solutions (RFS) has been created to provide technical “Knowledge Provider” sales and service. The ownership and staff has more than 100 years of combined experience within the refining, petrochemical, chemical, Oil & Gas production/transportation and mining industries. Additionally, RFS has extensive experience in the development, manufacturing and supply of all types of sealing products which include but are not limited to valve packing (OEM & MRO), gaskets (pipe flange, exchanger gaskets & innovative fin fan technology).


The core interest of any and all work to be performed by RFS is always based on placing the customers interest first. This includes communication, needs/wants and deliverables. RFS looks to provide this to its customers utilizing extensive experience and providing the client with knowledge based solutions that are unmatched throughout a wide range of industries. Having said that, RFS is a world leader in not only supplying deliverables and knowledge to the clients based on their needs, but also helping to insure the correct products are specified and selected by supplying those products to make sure the client meets their goals based on the use of the optimums solution available.  


Integrity, Honesty and Trust are the core values of the foundation in which RFS is built. Integrity not only allows RFS employees, but also RFS clients to have input into all aspects of the service or supplies RFS is providing.


Honesty is important to all, but more so to the employees of RFS, as they are taught and coached by the leadership team that if they do not know the answer to be the first to tell  the customer that is the case. However, with the wealth of knowledge the RFS leadership team has, they will be able to contact the necessary team member who can contribute the answers needed to effectively provide an explanation. This includes the ability to go outside of the RFS hierarchy to industry experts if the need arises.


Trust was the first value developed by the team that created RFS. This includes not only the ownership group, but all employees chosen to be a part of the RFS family. This trust allows a detailed level of discussion to take place within the RFS team. When there is a need to make the right decisions as to how RFS will move forward on behalf of the client or RFS itself, everyone has a voice. Trust will always be the backbone of RFS and to our clients. The leadership team believes in an open-door policy allowing everyone to have an understanding on any aspects of the company.


RFS looks to build long and lasting relationships with our clients and partners. Please give us a call for any of your needs.



  • Gasket Design & Recommendations

  • Bolting/Torque Procedure Development

  • Torque Calculations

  • Engineered Solutions for Critical or Problematic Applications

  • On Site Consultative Services

  • Permitting

  • RCRA

  • Remediation

  • BWON

  • Flares

  • Fugitives

  • OSHA

  • LDAR Auditing

  • AML Management

  • Piping Code Review

  • Purchase Document Development

  • Product Selection Procedure Development

  • Repair and Maintenance Procedure Development

  • Quality Management and Audit Services

  • LDAR Training

  • IR Camera Training

  • Method 21 Training

  • Acoustic Monitoring Training

  • Packing Installation

  • Gasket Installation

  • Valve Maintenance (all types)

  • Consent Decree Training

  • Drill & Tap Training




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Refinery Fugitive Emissions

Understanding the Basic Fundamentals


Leaking Interfaces for LDAR Monitoring

A  complete understanding of time frame, frequency and method in which components must be inspected.